HOOP - 2
Greetings Judy -

 Made up some 8x11 size flyers with bumper stickers attached
and some small 3x5 ones too.
Went to art openings in the city and was handing them out like a madman -
Parked in front of the biggest show tonight where the crowd was - It was
really great art from a distance through the window I saw portraits of the
icons like Monroe - Hendrix - Sinatra etc - when I got in the gallery I saw
these big portraits were made from license plates - I thought it was a good
place to give out bumper stickers - And everyone in the crowd liked the
idea - When I got home I got a call from someone I met two years ago and he
wants me to be in a show in New York of New Jersey artists with a connection
to Weird New Jersey - That's in January - Have an opening at Shalom's Fusion
Arts on Sunday Dec 12 - - Anyhoop - It's about 5am and time to go to bed -
That's why I get up late - See ya