No Walls, No Pedestals





An International Experiment in a Wall-less and sharable show.

Jury Yourself In 

VAL functions as a kind of bridge between artists and community. Is there a theme for the road show? World Peace! Save the World! ART Politics, Politics of Art, Poetry in Motion!  Send your design at 300 dpi sized to 11" wide and 4" high or smaller, or even circular..or square..and we may surprise you and enlarge it as you can see in the picture above. Spring is here and we are continuing on around the truck and making a leap to a second truck! Send your image on a CD compatible for a PC. Include your contact info, a bio, e mail address and a web site for us to link to! Bookmark the valweb site, check in to follow along what happens!!  Mail to:

Visual Arts League,1007 Old Bridge Tpk.East Brunswick, NJ 08816

If you would like copies of any of these bumper stickers, all of them can be found on the web site and ordered directly from the web page either by number or name. Spread the show!