This show began at the Paul Robeson School and moved on to be presented at the University of Medicine and Dentistry-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  It
preview at Lincoln Center's Cork Gallery downstairs from Avery Fisher Hall May 24 to June 3, 2002

 It will move to various schools which showcase outdoor sculpture.

This journey begins with a few students at Paul Robeson School, New Brunswick. We are growing a show, to
demonstrate what artists can do together with the community in a spontaneous way without running a gammet of committees and
juries. Let's just do it! Let's take these kids and soar just because we can.

Material: White PVC pipes

Any size

No limit

Use durable outdoor paints, or adhesives as this show will be both indoor and out. It is a low security show. You take your
chances in this world and in this show. Your piece should stand solidly. Keep in mind, don't get too heavy. We chose PVC
pipe for its lite weight and ease in cutting and even joining one piece to another. Sign your name boldly. An e mail address
would be good, and someway to contact you. The small pieces we have done so far have been shoo glued to ceramic tile as a

questions: (732) 254-7611

fax (732) 254-2707

e mail at: valweb@valweb.org

We reserve the right to cull to fit whatever space is being used.

Bring your pipe, or pipes to


1007 Old Bridge Tpk. East Brunswick, NJ

The first week of February the children's pipes from Paul Robeson School will go over to UMDNJ where they will cast a great
shadow of things to come on the wall. Steadily we will grow a project together.