Tony King and Helen Langen


Landowner, Helen Langen, of Malvern Hills, Hororata and New Jersey Artist Judith Wray, celebrate the installation of the Ball Pipe, the first of many outdoor sculptures to be exhibited on the beautiful foothills landscape.

The Ball Pipe was created by teens from both East Brunswick and Citizen School, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

A 1985 model Mercedes Benz was sold to cover costs of shipping the nine ft. PVC  pipe sculpture to Christchuch, NZ. The pipe is only one from many....a merger of ideas between Henry Sunderland's "The Great Pipe Dream" and Judith Wray's "Pipe Dreams", in NJ.

Visual Arts League, (VAL) is a non-profit, charitable arts organization which along with the regular things that arts groups do also creates a sort of art adventure.  Ideas hatched together which take off in a myriad of ways for the sheer flight of it!

More to come! Just got home Saturday night..a pilgrimage to Helen's place in NZ to witness the pipe solidly in place atop a rounded mountain overlooking ranges of mountains and valleys.