Guild of Creative Art

March, 2001

A click back in time !

"No War in Heaven"

Holger Maas, Germany

The World Healing Book, Birgitta Jonsdottir

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"No War in Heaven" by Holger Maas is a good lead off. This presentation took place at the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, NJ. That's Judy Wray, seated. On the right, back to us, is Vicky Culver, who opened the door. World Peace is a challenge that isn't so far away. It begins at home, right here in our communities. We are intrinsically valuable to each other. But how? It's "Green Eggs & Ham" do you serve it up in a palatable way to diverse peoples?

Working on it.


 Renata Spiazzi, La Jolla, Ca



Umashankar Sharma, Jaipur, India



Ursula Freer, Ca.



Poster design for the Digital show

background created by Ansgard Thomson


Wilby, Oregon
Judy Wray(standing)  David Ho

The way my working process has evolved,

is that I have stepped back progressively further

with the aid of computers and the Internet..

Stepping back  began by being helpful

to see the small piece I was working on,

and developed to include the space around in a larger and larger picture.

So here we are stepping back together to see a few years back

what many have had a hand in.

The Flower Show (growing things!)

We were so happy to make the acquaintance of the Guild!

We shared with them the best that we had and invited

them to show with us at the CORK Gallery, Lincoln Center, NY.

They were happy to be invited.

The world is such a BIG garden with niches and crannies

out of sight, out of mind.

Like Iceland!

What's Iceland got to do with the

Guild of Creative Art and the Flower Show back a few years?

Really?! Stretching it!

Birgitta Jonsdottir, Iceland (so much to do, so little time to do it )

and "The Book of World Hope" and The World Healing Book

Nineteen little children from the HeadStart program in Kendall Park, NJ

Visual Arts League, among other things, instigates art adventures.

A poet/artist/visionary in Iceland affected the lives of 19 children

in Kendall Park, NJ.  

No grants were proposed and submitted.

No money changed hands.

The Cambridge Flower was featured in the book.

The Cambridge Flower 

(The Cambridge Flower can be seen at UMDNJ-RWJMS, Piscataway, NJ)

What became of it?  It was invited to be

showcased in the children's room of the South Brunswick

Public Library.

We made a small plaque and donated

a copy of the book and then got caught up in other directions.

The library likewise..


moving things around.

The custodian stuck it in a box, the box got moved out to the trash..

But we had a good picture.

Via pixels, this event in time helps to illustrate a picture

composed by many who did not know each

other, but for a time, came together.

The Fur Brick was also featured in the book.

Jill Ferguson "Virtual Fur Brick"

(a virtual extension to the Ocean show)

The Fur Brick took a leap to a wall on a building for a

week in Ginza, Japan in the magical hands of

Seiji Ueoka and R2001.

Along with other fish bricks by a local children's theatre

and 5 Girl Scout Troops.

Projects spill over the sides and flow into each other.

The Transparent Flower Show at UMDNJ

The Transparent Flower Show at Metuchen Library

It takes time to sew things together.

There is a song titled, "Who Wrote the Book of Love", we all do.

I think the respect and sewing together of

history is a valuable, caring thing to do.

It is a way to show our love for each other which leaps boundaries.