This is a great article (with just a few errors .)

1. The VAL website is


2.Judith Wray, President and founder of Visual Arts League organized the Lincoln Center Train show at an invitation from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Sam orchestrated the week long birthday celebration back last October.

3.Artists Robert Rakita, Dan Ramey, Bob Dunham worked along with Judy Wray with a community of people coming through the long hallway during the week long celebration, including the students from Paul Robeson School and McKinley School.

4. The 64 ft wide mural was not in the hallway for one month. It was there for more like 4 or 5 months, and to the amazement of all, looked even better at the end as we had a chance to get it ready to move without being hurried and damaging it.

Hearty thanks to everyone involved!!

J. Wray