"She Shows:NOW" at Lincoln Center '97

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..a guided tour through "She Shows:NOW, then! On the easel in the left corner is "Tyeast's Piece" by Judith Wray, Tyeast Price and Alex Buchholz. (Both 12 years old). On the wall to the right of Tyeast's Piece is "Blueberry Squares, Frosted" by Pat San Soucie from Manalapan, NJ. Next is a watercolor, "Teen" by Dorothy Koch, from Canbury, NJ. After that is a stained glass piece by Adriana Franco Caiaffa, Caracas, Venezuela. In the forefront, is a piece under plexiglass by Mervine Chianelli, Somerset, NJ. This piece is bronze with plexiglass. You can lift off the couples clasped arms, and remove the spheres, till all that's left are the feet.

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Nancy Speelman,
Hillsborough, NJ

Just beneath the Lincoln center sign
are three works by Luci Butler, Lake Charles,LA.
A small piece on the upper right is by Jo Dagon, Anchorage, Alaska.

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Liz Morrissey,
Trenton, NJ

Welded steel.

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