For several years Visual Arts League has been inciting and documenting art adventures, using simple things and who and what is all around.  About 4 years ago we received two van loads of PVC pipe from the Greek at the Stone Museum. This got things off to a quick start with a recycled sculpture project involving over forty schools, "Pipe Dreams, NJ Merges With The Great Pipe Dream, New Zealand"

Thinking globally, working locally, we invited artists, schools and random others to join us in this project. Janet Scelsa, a teacher with the East Brunswick Recreation Department orchestrated a magic day at the Daisy Recreation Center with one of the tallest pipes.

We hope to emphasize the value of a single day, a moment, a life, a hand given in the train rush of our days. Memory fails! The web site is an outline to be filled in and added to, embellished with the serendipity events which ensue and can be traced back to points in time when someone or many crystallized an idea.

The day at the Daisy Recreation Center has mushroomed beyond the short hours spent.We are celebrating here the wonder of coming together with simple things and following along to see the magic trail.  J. Wray

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