Life Changing Ice Experience

The Art of Being Henry from the VIP Canterbury written by Hans Petrovic

The Freak Brick Show - World's First!

Allenvale Sculpture goes to school in Tulsa, Oklahoma and  makes a house call.

The Blue Ball Pipe, Malvern Hills, Hororata, New Zealand

5 Heads Better!

Hornby Art Car

Red Toy Wall

Will Rogers Robot

Luke Martin-Bird Man

Lights on!

Class Visit

Close Ups of The New Zealand Fantastic Plastic Sculptures

Allenvale Plastic Fantastic Sculpture at the Stone Museum, 2005

NEWS Art Car Revved

Allenvale Sculpture at IBG, Parlin, NJ

Slide Show

Bonnie from Peru and the New Zealand Flowers

Henry and the Gnomes

The Gnomes Gather

NZ Sculptures

NZ Sculptures

NZ Sculptures

NZ Sculptures

NZ Sculptures

NZ Sculptures

OutFront-IBG, Parlin, NJ

21. Allenvale Plastic Fantastic Pipe Sculpture (Tony King)  East Brunswick VAC '04 show

22. January 17th,'04  Allenvale Sculpture Tony King Woody's  University of Medicine and Dentistry-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ,

23. Allenvale Sculpture  Jan.1,'04  Phila., Pa MUMMERS DAY Parade

24. New Zealand Fantastic Plastic Sculptures, The Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York, Dec. 2003

26.Brunswick Square Mall, East Bruns. NJ

27.Stone Museum


29.American Harvest Specialty Foods, East Bruns. NJ

30.Eighteen Lumber Company, East Bruns. NJ

31.Paul Robeson School, New Bruns., NJ

32.Dwight D. Eisenhower School Wykoff, NJ

33.Marlboro Middle School, Marlboro, NJ


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