Here is a little, almost forgotten and unsung history. American Harvest Specialty Foods, East Brunswick, NJ was featured with color pictures in an Arts Magazine in Jakarta, Indonesia several years ago when the mural pictured on the side of this truck was painted on the side of the American Harvest building. Carol Freeborn, East Brunswick artist, drew an outline on the wall and paints and brushes were supplied, artists of varying ages invited, including teens from a Jamesburg School. In a few weeks the project was finished. American Harvest has a history of welcoming creative efforts on the outside walls...the picture above only exists in Photoshop. Last week we received by e mail the trucks listed in the index..all except the last one..BUMPER. We did that one here in town... art that rolls! Experimenting! Chicago Cows! World Trucks! Let's move! Send us your design and we will get things rolling! (and have a good time trying!) We will post trucks sent.


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