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This is the East Brunswick Municipal building where the Visual arts League's "Digital show" was during November, 01. Forty artists, 12 States, 5 countries are represented in the 70 prints of computer generated art. the range in age of the artists involved is from 17 to 80 yr.

The Public is invited to log on to the Internet, opening the artists web pages and talk to the artist. High resolution prints are available either through the artists or Visual Arts League (732) 254-7611 or

 Poster design by Ansgard Thomson, Canada

(Bottom) DOJORO  North Port, NY (Doris Rowe taught art at East Brunswick High School in 1963. She moved to North Port, NY and continued to teach art at North Port High School.)

Warren Furman, Pa

Chuck Ferris,MD, Ca

Mina Blyly-Strauss, "In Progress"

Saint Paul, Minnesota             

Regina Mitchell
Tabitha Luna
Michelle Anderson
Michael Huffman
Krysteena Garcia
Karen Jourdain


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