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Inspired by the idea of graffiti, these pages are an experiment in fun and creativity, meant to allow people from all over the world, and of all ages and ability, to join in and contribute to an ever-changing, interactive work of art.  The Internet has provided the perfect environment for this.  By using the URL of a graphic as the image source on the page, rather than the graphic itself, the contributor has the option of changing their graphic image whenever they want to, thereby giving the web page a constantly new look.  All that is required to join in the fun, is the ability to post your image at your ISP's server, or any server that you have access to.  Then e-mail that URL to us, and your graphic will appear on the page!

There are two pages to contribute to:  sendpic_ani.gif (16302 bytes)
The Graffiti Page and the Picture Page

The Graffiti Page is laid out like a patch quilt. By using a table format on the page, each cell can be occupied by a different graphic, just like the squares on a quilt.  As the number of graphic URL's received increases, so will the size of the page. This page is best suited for whole little works of art in jpg or gif, or animated gif format.

The Picture Page is set up with a sky and land background, with images "floating" on the scenery.   This page is best suited for transparent gifs so as to maintain the "look" of the page.


For the Graffiti Page:
1) Create a graphic.
Please keep your graphic dimensions within the range of 225 x 225 pixels. If you know how to, please compress .jpg files as much as possible to eliminate long download times. If using .gif format, try to use as few colors as you can in the palette.
2) Post the file up to your server, and then send us the URL of that file. (example: ) Once we use the URL as an image source in the code of the graffiti page, your image will load along with the others.
3) Changing the image: You can change the image whenever you like, but when you send the new one up to your server, you must use the same file name as in the URL you had sent us originally, or the image will not load on the Graffiti page. Please try to stay within the same dimensions that the original file was. If you have a website of your own, send us the URL for that too, and we can use your graphic as a link to your own site. That's it!!!

For the Picture Page:
1) Create a graphic.
Transparent gifs will work best on this page.  Please try to keep the dimensions of your image within reason (200 x 200 pixels or smaller would be best). Objects of any type will go nicely on this page (animals, foliage, buildings, birds, vehicles, etc., but be creative with it!)
2) Post the file up to your server and send us the URL: (see above)
3) Changing the image: (see above)

If you are unable to create a transparent gif, then email your image to us and we will try make it transparent for you. Then we can send it back to you and you can post it up to your server, and send us the URL.


Important!!  If at any time we feel that an image is offensive or inappropriate, we will remove it from the page.

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