(read the name tags and visit the webdesigner!) ...on our homepage is a little school, that is actually a real school, turned cool blue and a little icy on top...there are clouds too which have names and are written in with html, and of course can be multiplied and moved around... can we put bits and pieces from all over, which are live, changeable links and meld them deftly...as an excercise. Each one of us can have the same images to create with differently...each links content is controlled by the base person sending it...but the recipient has control over the size and location through html... variations on a theme...that is where it gets interesting...what each of us will do...how crazy can it get?? take my clouds, I have more!! Give me your trees!! send a slice of lake, make it shimmer. Then we can figure out a way to scroll through the myriad of visual interpretations. Refine this with me!!

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