Kent Oberheu

Berkeley, Ca.


Chuck Ferris, San Rafael, Ca; Miriam Lazada-Jarvis,Mexico; Mina Blyly Strauss, Minnesota (wall to the left over entrance)

Barbara Patera

Wash. State

Bruce Zeines, NY Lee Muslin, NY Jay Zimmerman

Moors, Indiana

Ed Fillmore

Rahway, NJ

Randy Roberts



Ursula Freer

New Mexico

Dale Copeland

New Zealand

Renata Spiazzi

La Jola, California

David Kevitch


Dian Sirken

Freehold, NJ

David Camp



UMDNJ-Outside Woody's
Nancy Speelman, Hillsborough, NJ Harriet Leonard, New York
Rebecca Buchholz at UMDNJ


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