Gnomes Gather - March 19th, 2005

Life Changing Ice Experience

The Gnome Reunion was a geat success - 10yrs on from the 1st International
Gnome Convention held in Christchurch New Zealand in 1995.

Below, on the right, you will see Henry the bronze gnome (created by Sculptor Bing Dawe). Henry resides in the children's playground in the Botanic Gardens. Also present is Vera (a rare girl gnome) and baby gnomes who survived a house fire recently (their father wasn't so lucky)!

Also present were Garth and Anastasia, recently bethrothed.

Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND  Photographer: Di Alpers

Clive, Sheena and Henry

Gnomes chat

Henry the bronze gnome!

Kidsfest ARTCAR

Suzanne with Gnome Gnapkins

Seagull oversees proceedings !

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