(Pipe on the right) URSULA FREER, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Seen these before? (begun with 5 students from Paul Robeson School) Most recent addition is the one on the right, by Ursula Freer. It is printed on canvas: a sleeve which slips over the PVC pipe. In this way we can welcome digital artists into the Pipe Dreams show...works better than paper..Now we are almost ready to hit the road! We need vertical designs from Digital artists! The mayor of our town has already extended a welcome to have the show on the dividers in our town. It is to that end we are working. We can showcase the growing project in and around UMDNJ as we develop it.

Digital Artists! Send vertical designs! 72 jpg to start with, zipped preferably, to valweb@valweb.org

We plan to install bases where the pipes can stand firmly and the sleeves can slip on and off. In this way we can invite local schools to participate..such as the Arts Honor students!


URSULA FREER, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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