Pictures for your brain . . .

By Maxime Gantois.

Maxine, wall climber!

This page is a portal to remind the peoples that life, and feelings, are important.

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I am a French man, 23 years old, and I love the way pictures can make us feel. . . .

I do believe that giving peoples your love, attention, and sharing your feelings is more important than if your neighbor's dog do it on your grass, or this man's car stopped exactly at the same time than the light turned green.

I made this web page to  share the pictures I take, so you can remember that your life is something important, and so are your feelings.

Thank you, and Enjoy   : 0 )


Thanks to Judy for what she does for all of us, and the heart she put on doing it ! (and for giving me a chance to show my pictures...... Thanks also to my friend Doug Mc Gregor, for giving me a chance to take some pictures in his secret lab  : o)

Let's begin with the life is short Series . . .

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Life is Short #1

Life is short2.jpg (287979 bytes)

Life is Short #2

Life is short3.jpg (372389 bytes)

Life is Short #3

Life is short4.jpg (76317 bytes)

Life is Short #4

Life is short5small.jpg (88017 bytes)

Life is Short #5

The fallingsmall.jpg (54307 bytes)

The Falling ? Try not to . . ..

Laurasmall.jpg (29873 bytes)

Laura, on the scene...

i store dead peoplessmall.jpg (56243 bytes)

I Store Dead Peoples . . .

No stresspassingsmall.jpg (67315 bytes)

No Stress passing . . .


 More pages soon, and a link to a personal web page . . . 

Enjoy and thanks to Judy again. . .

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