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Plastique-The Ocean Show - 250 Fish Bricks

A Visual Arts League Project begun in 1995

May 17th, 2004 The 250 fish bricks swam on to the small pond at the Stone Museum, Monroe Township, NJ

Things nobody knew: The fish bricks appeared on the side of a building (like what is seen on the walls of buildings in Times Square, New York City) in Ginza, Japan because of Japanese artist, Seiji Ueoka, R2001. Local artist, Judy Wray, sent the fish attached to e mail at Seijiís invitation and the fish bricks joined with other digital imagery sent by artists around the world to be projected in rotation on the side of building in Japan the first week of July 2002. There were 250 bricks cemented to the long concrete wall on Dutch Rd. The bricks framed each 4' X 8' ocean mural. At the pond, there is room for the fish to multiply. Many random children and adults with five Girl Scout Troops, numbers: # 537, 832, 76, 375, 1170 and another sixty children from Mr. Taubenslagís Childrenís Theatre from East Brunswick High School.

Another thing many people didnít know was that attached to the Dutch Road / Ocean mural project via the Internet was a virtual stream of fish bricks. One of them, "The Fur Fish" by Jill Ferguson in Hatfield, Pa was in "The Book of World Hope" by poet Birgitta Jonsdottir in Iceland. The Dalai Lama and Lawrence Ferlenghetti were in the same book with poets and artists of all ages from around the world.

A little background. The brick was created at the ARTYARD, 1007 Old Bridge Tpk, East Brunswick, NJ as a way to welcome more people of all ages and sizes from everywhere possible into an art project.

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