gamma gramma

Art & money! I keep visualizing the baby named "ART" going out with the bathwater named “money”..or something to that effect!


Two years in a row, we sent $75 to an arts group with big aspirations in a not so far away town..(with small hopes to make friends..never happened..after $150 dollars and us noticing that despite  e mailing and mailing them about what we were doing..not much appeared anywhere and no letters  got responded to.

After everything was missed we got a letter inviting us to become apart of an elite Renaissance group..

 “Please agree and send another $30” 


We wrote back, “was it really true they had somehow missed everything we were doing.....or had we missed something??”


Got silence


Whatever..a week or two goes by..another request..another week or so..this time we get a formal letter..not from a woman this time, but a man.

Please send money generously, in support of all that they are doing..

another week or so goes by..another letter..the Christmas season is upon us!


Is this like “pay to play?”


Except it never gets to what?

Whose game?

Is the game of any value or interest? Not to us so far.

Two way street it seems.


The baby is not even in the bathwater, nobody notices..

unless it is your baby.


Raise money, hang little things that have been juried, take them down, give prizes, hang more, do it again..have “teas”, dinner at country clubs, dress up, give awards..


As far as creativity goes, I feel like a bird dog on a scent..many scents..when I am in the heat of a hunt..a number of hunts, it is a rush to chase it all and tree everything. Don’t want to apologize for doing what I love.  Not your typical gramma! Not my own gramma! Don't know what kind of artist I am, but I know more what I am not.

 Let's put the baby back in the bathwater and unplug channels creating for the pure sake that we can do it..

but how?

 The arts are a communities drawing board.

Pipe Dreams; Fish Bricks; The Ocean Show; the Train Show; The HUB with Magnetic Connections, Possibilities!

Artists are experimenting with a wider and wider community, leaping boundaries of all kinds, creating new venues, opening new channels to communication.

Judy Wray

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