drive by show at the ARTYARD at 1007 Old Bridge Tpk. East Brunswick, NJ (4 houses South of the Racetrack Rd. traffic light.

The BALL PIPE  lights up the night Thursday April 29th and will stay lit each night through May and maybe even through June!

Created with 4 students from Citizen School in New Brunswick,
NJ and random others local and world wide.

Supplies to assemble the tall pipe have come from many different people throughout our local community and the balls themselves have taken a virtual bounce in from around the world. Virtual tennis ball designs have come from Dale Copeland, Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand; Shankar Barua, New Delhi, India; Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada and Warren Furman, Montrose, Pennsylvania & . So, although only 4 young teens from Citizen Schools, New Brunswick participated in the painting of 112 tennis shaped spheres..they had help flying in from around the world via digital artists and also the Girl Scouts, Troop # 1452, and random others

Hot News from NZ   Blue Ball Pipe Rolls

9/11 & the Ball Pipe

Great Balls O' Fire !



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