The Train Story-Bob Rakita

A Gift: April 8th, 2005 The Long Train Mural, reduced in size and framed, hanging in the waiting room of the New Brunswick Train Station.

THE TRAIN SHOW- Background     New York Times Train Story, Nov. 16, 2004
Steve Heller, Fabulous Furniture

My grandson and I were returning home from a weekend at a monastery (cut short) when we passed by Steve's roadside show. We did a double take and screeched to a halt.

It isn't this piece that is rolling into the Train show, but a dinosaur on wheels.


Jayden Milne-NEWS NEWS 2

 3 Trains

The New  School of Monmouth County

 The New Brunswick Train Station Long Mural has moved on to the University of Medicine and Dentistry-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School ( RWJMS_UMDNJ )

It will be in place at UMDNJ from Nov. 12-Jan. 28, 2005

Lincoln Center's Cork Gallery- October 28th-November 9th, 2004

The Long Train-In Progress-Invite-A-Train e-mail at: VAL 

With a Train related Installation

by students & teachers at

The New School of Monmouth County - Train Installation

 This show features the 70 ft wide Graffitti mural created during the New Brunswick Train Station's 100th year Birthday celebration by Judith Wray and Robert Rakita, Union, Dan Ramey, Milltown, and Bob Dunham, New Brunswick.

Additional related art works by Steve Heller, Fabulous Furniture,

Paul Puglise, (Train by Paul)


Photographs by Brian Solomon

(Author & Photographer whose focus is trains..)

The New  School of Monmouth County-homepage

The week of Oct 20th to the 24th,2003, VAL worked the long tunnel at the New Brunswick Train Station like an open classroom.

In 80 ft walk through tunnel at the New Brunswick Train Station a double sided mural
project was created in honor of The New Brunswick Train Stations 100th year birthday.

During the 5 months it was in place we have laminated all the children's trains on the opposite wall!

On one side of the hall, teacher Freda Rhodes and her students at Paul Robeson School created a long line of trains: The Happy Birthday N.J. Transit Line!

VAL  spread out a roll of  paper along 70 ft on the opposite

A kind of graffiti mural, (minus the spray paint!!)..inviting participation. 

We jump started the theme using the words from songs by John Lennon  & Cat Stevens.  As commuters came through the space, in a rush, they were welcomed to make their mark and add their words.

 A selection of pipes from "Pipe Dreams, NJ merges with The Great Pipe
Dream, NZ" lined the front of the Station for the week.

(the page below shows the Pipe Dreams show while it was at Paul Robeson
School, New Brunswick.)

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