Nikolai Buglaj

 Nikolai Buglaj is an artist concerned with chronic social issues and their causes.  He emphasizes the role of illusions as an integral part of our behavior.  His pieces exploit ambiguity,  undermining our need for “fixed” answers which tend to conceal the systemic nature of these issues.  A discussion of his work appears in “Writing About Art” by Dr. Henry Sayre (Prentice Hall).

In 2003, the artist is scheduled to have a one-person show at UMDNJ on the Busch Campus of Rutgers University.  He recently had one-person shows at the New York City and Westchester County branches of Pace University. His 50' installation was exhibited at P.S. 1 (Project Studio One) in New York City.

Buglaj received his graduate and undergraduate degrees from Pratt Institute and resides in New York City.

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