Little Bob Duncan

Carole Takacs

The Front entrance to the Robert N. Wilentz School, Perth Amboy, NJ Career Day, June3rd, 2003

The 12 ft high PVC Pipe came from the Greek, at the Stone Museum in Monroe Twp.

May 14th & 15th this pipe first rose (tentatively) at the Teen Arts gathering  Middlesex County College, Edison, NJ.

Teenagers from Perth Amboy Schools completed the first stage of the pipe.

Second stage: About one hundred and eighty children streamed through Career Day lending their mark to the springy, flexible hands inserted in the holes of the pipe.

The muti-colored rubber gloves came from University of Medicine and Dentistry, 100 holes were drilled by artist "Little Bobby" Duncan.

A base was welded from 5 tire rims. All together..approx. 1500 rubber hands converged on the 12 ft high pipe. right now the pipe sits in the art room at New Hope Foundation.


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