"Little Bobby" Duncan
by the sea, N.J.
"Little Bobby" Duncan
Rahway, N.J.

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"Let em eat tax rebates"

"Little Bobby" Duncan is 55 years old. He has fun with art, and has had fun with it since he was three and a half years old. His reputation is, that if anything stands still long enough, he will paint it.

The artist has his undergraduate degree in art from Rice University, in 1971. He received an MFA in sculpture and print making from Washington University, St. Louis, in 1974. This peripatetic artist has lived in Vermont, Missouri, Texas, California and now lives in New Jersey. He has exhibited in a number galleries and museums (in all of those places). Currently he is producing mainly murals, paintings, and works on paper.

Last summer Duncan completed a 160 ft. mural on a bridge over looking Lawrence Brook in Milltown, NJ. Teens from local high schools learned mural painting working side by side with Duncan.

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"Hubcap off the Wheel of Life"

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"Ceremonial Shield of Duncan Clan"

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  "Go Ahead, Make Fun of My Hat"
Acrylic on foam board. 1997

Below are thumbnails of photos of the Lawrence Brook Bridge mural.  There are 6 pictures in all.  Click on any image for a closer view.  Use your "Back" button to return to this page:

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Acrylic on foam board

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  "Botticelli's Gingrich"
 "What's Newt Got To Hide?"

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... and the Lord said, "STOP!"
(Notorious B.I.G & Tupa Shakur)
Acrylic on laminated foam core

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"Howdy you all, Meet Miss Mona" and "The Captain of the Guard Has Been Goosed"
Acrylic on foam board. 1997

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Click Here to read an actual letter from Madeleine to "Little Bobby", in response to this artwork.

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Kate Maya as "Nature Girl"

View the full Rainforest Mural


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Bobby Duncan and his beach mural


And More....
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