Suppose we could draw something all together...

what would it look like?

We ARE already drawing something all together,

and we know what it looks like from CNN

Let's try it again.
This time thinking about it.
For inspiration and explanation, here follows one version of the old
elephant story, which if you know a better one, send it to me, and
I will substitute yours for mine, or we can make a composite.

A group of blind men were locked in a room together

of which none of them knew the dimensions or contents.

There was an elephant
in the center of the room. (A sedated elephant.)

The men decided to navigate their surroundings by carefully feeling
around and reporting back to each other on their findings.

Groping carefully, the first man latched on to a leathery and cylindrical like obstacle.

He reached as high as he could, felt wrinkles and creases,
at the bottom, scalloped edges.
This description he reported back to the others,
and that it was perfectly clear to him that
this object in the room with them was "tree like".

At the other side of the room, another blind man slowly felt,
his arms in the air waving around him, brushed a leathery,
pancake object, slowly flapping.
His conclusion, the object was not "tree-like" at all,
but rootless and flopping!

A third man stumbled and grabbed to keep himself from falling,
latching onto a long and sinuous tube, again leathery in texture,
and hollow at the tip. This object was spineless and tubular,
not flat at all.

There could be no consensus of opinion as
each man knew what he knew to be true.

So what is the moral of this? Where do we go from here?
Let us draw the elephant!
Let us create on our drawing board in cyberspace
a picture of what our surroundings look like to us
unlike the blind men
we have an opportunity to step back and see what each of us
has done in relationship to the other.
Then we can move it around and make adjustments to the picture.
Together, we can refine the picture.

Kind of a workshop.

Kind of a Global Classroom.

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