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Jerry O'Connor, East Brunswick, NJ

This is the lake that Jerry made. The same one as the mossy digital slice.

For the last few years Jerry's boat has floated on VAL's homepage.

This year Jerry's little red boat swims on a CD made by a digital artist in India, Shankar Barua


Oil on canvas
20 X 16 inches
Title: Destroyer In The North Atlantic


My inspiration for painting it:
My 4-year service in the U.S. Navy 1951-1955
during Korean (conflict/war/engagement/????).
I served 3 years and 9 months on a destroyer
"the U.S.S. Hugh Purvis, DD-709".
Much time was spent in the North Atlantic Ocean
I saw many rough days and nights
where the ocean was ready to engulf the ship.




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