My idea for my own page on the website is called

Alex's Gallery of Grotesquities

(I hope I spelled my own word right!) Anyway, my idea was that there are 6 categories:

the first is
"Twisted Tameness", which displays bizarre aberrations that have

fallen victim to mans' "helping hands." The second category is "Devious

This group contains a freakishly horrifying beasts that are

mis-shapened, mis-proportioned, and mis-created, as if the devil himself had

broken into gods workshop. The third category is "Freelance Fantasy," which

contains a few "toned down" beasts that are more fanciful than frightening,

seeing how I'm not all horror and nightmares, lol. The fourth category is

"Lab Rats" which is composed of fused creatures, part human, part animal.

Some are beautiful, some mundane, and some truly terrifying. The fifth category

is called  "Alien Entities." These beautiful beasts are inspired by the works

of Wayne Barlowe. The Final category is called 
"Feature Beast" this contains

one beast that is constantly evolving at an accelerated rate.

Keep an eye on it and see what it turns into!



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