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The Mail Art Project is a collaborative adventure between national and international artists, using the postal service to relay the artworks. The idea is to freely respond with excitement and inspiration to the partner artists' works in a visual dialogue, a wordless communication in media, color and composition. All media, collage and assemblage in various combinations is encouraged. This collaborative mail art dialogue allows, or forces, artists to become more aware of their own modes of creating as well as becoming sensitive to others' forms of expression. During this evolution, sometimes it is a surrender, sometimes, an affirmation between artists.

It is a riddle or a zen koan as the artists respond to each others' marks, colors, and collaged items to collectively bring the piece to an agreed upon point of completion. The backgrounds of the artists is diverse. Printmakers, painters, sculptors, mixed media artists, air brush artists, and others join together to create a variety of pieces. Through this process of seeing, thinking and creating, the artist is allowed to link his/her personal and intangible self to that of another human being.

By taking bits of fabric, scraps of paper and paint and combining them with another artist's, an exquisite visual pattern that represents a unique individuality yet expresses a harmony of partnership is created. This harmony witnessed in the finished collaborative piece is emblematic of the artists' intrinsic link to one another. The process as well as the result gives us all a sense of being connected to the whole, and not alone. 

The show will be at University of Medicine and Dentistry- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, in Piscataway Nov. 23 - Dec. 27,1999. It will then travel to the Cork Gallery at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center Jan. 4 - 18, 2000.  The Cork Gallery is made available by Lincoln Center free of charge to community arts organizations.

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