HARTS goes on Beating!

Visual Arts League (VAL) was invited three years ago by medical students Rob Laumbach and Scott Woska from the Healing Arts Club (HARTS) to bring an interractive art presence into the medical school's student center. VAL is developing an on-line presence for Doctors and Medical students in union with outside forces.

Here you can find the full color, on line,  (and economical too!) newsletter. You can find out what is going on, not going on, and make things happen. You can jump in on cyber space (and wall space too,) at Woody's and the Student lounge at 675 Hoes Lane, Piscataway.

VAL is a non-profit, charitable arts organization, gathering global, creative energies and giving them focus in reality and virtual reality. The medical school walls and spaces provides a place for students and community to come together in creative, experimental projects.

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