"Plasticus Fantasticus"Casebrook Intermediate SchoolNew Zealand Shana Kelleher "Plashpurpa Orange Bloomer-Insectatracter"Linwood Intermediate School Raewyn Taylor (Teacher) "Utilus Tubulus Plasticus"Upright Tubular PalmChristchurch South Intermediate School New Zealand Natalie Johnston (Teacher)
Tomatius's Pulsarinus Vibrenietus Colourinus Sculptureinus Toms Baker's PVC Sculpture Shirley Intermediate "Pipebustus Palmerrusgiganticus" Bevan Freeman Marion College, Ken Frame

Things have moved from the back yard to the front yard, in preparation to go to the one day art fair around the East Brunswick Municipal pond, June 14th

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"Plashpurpa Orange Bloomer-Insectatracter"

Linwood Intermediate School, Raewyn Taylor (Teacher)




(and our dog Chuck)

The CAMP DAISY PIPE, Janis Scelsa & KIDS
still adding photos, missed the one on the end, right


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