September 11th & 12th, 2003

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"The GREAT PIPE DREAM", a Henry Sunderland project

 The Allenvale School's Plastic Piping Sculpture went for the weekend to the Marlboro Middle School. June Sommer ( a quilt maker ) was cruising by our house "The ArtYard" and saw the Allenvale Plastic Sculpture. She knocked on our door and invited us to participate for the weekend in the Molly Pitcher Quilt Show. Rolling art!

Tony King is the artist / teacher who created the Allenvale Sculpture with students. "Our piece is called,   Triflora Polychromas Plasticus ; Gigantia . / or three very large multi-colored plastic flowers. It was constructed by the students of Allenvale Special School, a school designed to accommodate children  with problems related to Autistic Spectrum Disorder although there are also some students with Behavioral Problems, Downs Syndrome and other more complex and undiagnosed conditions. The children who worked on this project were from our senior school ranging in age between 11years and 20 years old. The school has a web site at, and the email address is,