Dear Judy,
Thank you for wonderful e-mail. We am waiting tomorrow show!
I have written the poem about the Pipe Dreams show.
"Pipes like the hopes
which aspire in the sky.
People need the friendship.
People hope to light future.
They have painted their wishes.
They have grown the forest of pipes
which were made by their feelings.
We can read the letter of the hope
by different pipes of artists.
We can read the letter of art
which were written without words to us .
Colors, painted sun, flowers ...
They have own language of art.
They express simple dream.
It is color dream to light future.
It is the hope of different people
who tell without words by language of art."
I would like to tell you about the idea of the pipe which I created. I painted color lists which put on the pipe. One color lists painted above another lists... We can see the piece of different lists too. It is like days of life for me. New day hides past day. The life of every person has own way. Days have different moods and events. We remember the piece of past days. Therefore different color lists can be visible on the pipe. We can not remember all events of past days because they are too far away from us. I have created the pipe which is like the way of life. I have written the words Love, Friendship, Hope, Family, Children, Gladness, Nature, Memory, Protection, Kindness on the pipe because these words are important for every day of the life of any person in the world. These words do not depends from country or nationality of a person. These words exist in every color day of world life.
I have written my thoughts about the pipe. I hope you like it.
I and Dima wish the great success to the show!
Best wishes,
Catherine TC Art Gallery by Catherine Yakovina


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