We are demonstrating creating with simple things all around, pretty basic
stuff....buckets & pipes, concrete bricks...steadily building a show....a
 create-ur-own adventure show..

 We began one sunny afternoon, almost 2 years ago with 5 students from Paul
 Robeson School, New Brunswick, NJ.

pipedreams72.jpg (26372 bytes)

 It has grown like one of those deep rooted, hardy weeds that just won't go
 away and starts to push the rocks over.

The Greek  from the Stone Museum, Jamesburg, NJ gave us two van loads of PVC pipe.

 A week before the Lincoln Center show, a young man from Vienna created a
 series of pipes using corrugated pipe and tape.

istvan1_small.jpg (24566 bytes)  Istvan Papai

 The week before that his friend visiting from Hungary, Judith Rosa,
 created two pipes using tapes and not paint.

(Had no idea there were so many different colors of tape!)

 Some of the pipes from the Greek we liked so much in their raw state....

 will stay that way..

((in fact the show has actually created a side show all
 over the Stone Museum....

he supplied us with materials for our show and began
 working his own,

using concrete pipes and PVC and East Brunswick artist Chris Cornell.

wpe2.jpg (16361 bytes)

 We have pipes from St. Petersburg, Russia

sent via e mail by Catherine and Dima Yakovina


We have a pipe design sent to us by a digital artist in

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ursula Freer.

0033_Aspen.jpg (211503 bytes)


We have pipes coming from Henry Sunderland's project


begun in Christchurch, New Zealand.

5 Schools are sending pipe sculptures of PVC pipe

as part of an exchange between schools in New Zealand and the USA.

     Pipe_Dream_Seed_small.jpg (4745 bytes)

Here is the list of Participating Schools & Teachers)

Tony King (Art Teacher)


Bevan Freeman (Art Teacher)


Tom Baker (Student)


Ken Frame (Art Teacher)


Natalie Johnstone


Shona Kelleher



We have work from Japan, by Seiji Ueoka, R2001 and his friend Sharif Ezzat, California .

R2001 has been steadily at work leaping boundaries,

linking the world through the Internet and real life visual projects.

Seiji is leading the world by example from Japan

effecting a creative change in the way people create together.


 We have a pipe sculpture which is a serpent in PVC pipes strung through the
 center with chain and anchored with a boulder.



Robert Rakita, Washington State

 We have a Pipe coming from a famous artist named HOOP

 "Little Bob" Duncan (about as famous) has created an elephant god pipe.



Jean Pierre and Maxine Gantois sent "The Tree of Knoweldge" from Benac, France


wpe4.jpg (12709 bytes)
Tihamer Binner, Somerset, NJ Lyka Cox, Bayville, NJ


Three years ago we exhibited the work of a man with a serious bi-polar disorder.

A few months ago he called me and asked for help....said he'd been taken off a drug
 he'd been on for something like 20 years....told me he could think a little
 clearer.....no miracle.....but felt a little better.

 Anyhow.....one thing he CAN do very well is focus on painting and he has allot of time to do
 that. We created web pages for him, brought him over about $100 worth of
 paint and we keep bringing him sections of PVC pipe....together we are growing a TREE
 and putting it together one section at a time..

 We will be passing out pipes and tubes of pipes and encouraging others to
 find their own.....and steadily working towards the show next January....but
 beyond that.....we will attempt to move it all over......an experiment in
 working and playing together where we post it all to the Internet.

 This can be pretty easy or difficult.....it can be as easy as having a small
 PVC section of pipe sitting on a desk for a few months and asking people to
 sign when they come into the office.....(or it can be more creative...) We are
 looking to draw out a creativity untapped.....a collective creativity.....where we
 aren't afraid to experiment together and be whimsical.

...To begin a dream together

from all our different corners of the world

 linking the dreamers.

  Judy Wray

Great Balls O' Fire !


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