Juggling Balls at UMDNJ, artist Paul Pugliese' Home Page

The balls oscillate with the breeze! This PVC Pipe Sculpture is outside Woody's, UMDNJ, 675 Hoes La. Piscataway, NJ. Adjacent are a golfer in PVC and also the Camp Daisy Pipe, from Daisy Recreation in East Brunswick.  A selection of pipes from schools and young artists can be seen inside the student lounge. The Pipe Dream show is gathering.The whole Pipe Dream show will be moving to the Somerset Art Association July 17th to August 30th.

Playing With Balls @ IBG Services Irina's Art Class

and the visiting New Zealand Sculptures..watch this page develope

 The Daisy Pipe  The Pipes at UMDNJ

Red Leaf Merge


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