PHOTOS of the Show at the Paul Robeson School, Commercial Ave. New Brunswick, NJ

 Press Release  -  for immediate release   -    March 13, 2003


NJ Contact:           Judith Wray, phone: 732-254-7611; fax: 732-254-2707;

 New Zealand Contact: Henry Sunderland, Christchurch, New Zealand,



“PIPE DREAMS” New Jersey merges with “THE GREAT PIPE DREAM”, New Zealand and makes another move! 

This is an international cooperative exhibition sponsored by the Visual Arts League of East Brunswick NJ.

 On March 10th the pieces from the show moved into the main entrance at the Paul Robeson School, Commercial Avenue. New Brunswick, NJ. The show will stay until March 21st

 Then it will move into East Brunswick Square Mall on March 26th till the end of April. The exhibition will be situated near the J.C.Penney's store in the main hall. This is East Brunswick's residents big chance to see the whole show courtesy of Brunswick Square Mall..making it there is no other place to exhibit a show
of this kind.

Right now, at the Paul Robeson School, a colorful plastic sculpture, made of soda bottles and other discarded plastic, recyclable materials put together in a wild profusion (like right out of "Little Shop of Horrors") sits happily in the main entrance. A nine foot tall digital art piece stands tall in
the center of the circular entranceway from Shankar Barua, New Delhi, India.

 Beside it, just about as tall, the piece created by children and teachers at the Camp Daisy School for children with special needs, in East Brunswick, NJ. Today it is an easy to reach around the world and connect. Shankar's digital piece was sent by CD, printed out here and assembled on a free standing pipe, donated by the Greek, at the Stone Museum, Jamesburg, NJ.

Visual Arts League is stitching it all together, with funding from a variety of sources.
This global community project sponsored by

Visual Arts League (VAL),
East Brunswick, NJ
(and also funded from France!)
thinking globally, working locally!



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