Istvan Judith Rozsa Ansgard Thomson The Daisy Pipe EBHS-NOSE PIPE HOOP DIMA Istvan

That's Laszlo over on the right. These pipes don't move themselves. There are people behind the scenes making things happen. The artists designing the pipes are part of it..then there are those who move them and those who welcome them...a whole community of people making art that moves.

This is Eighteen Lumber Company. If you click the picture you can access some of the local art history.


Here, for a short while, all the way from Tokyo, Japan, a design created by Seiji Ueoka when he was in his 20's..VAL called for digital designs for the Pipe Dreams show and Seiji responded with the only thing that stood still, as his work now is in constant motion.

Pillars of our community..worldwide community..Pipe Dreams..a dream we can dream together anyway and anywhere we can. Art is not confined to museums and galleries. The free flow of creativity is the life blood of a community.


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