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A Project of VALWEB

On the VALWEB site we have documented a part of local art history made from 1990 - 2009.  VAL is about coming together to create, experiment, and nurture ideas. The Internet opens up new possibilities to easily and quickly explore together.

Judith Wray and Laszlo Krisch incorporated Visual Arts League (VAL) in 1990 as a non-profit, tax exempt charitable arts organization. "Thinking globally, working locally!" VAL has initiated projects which invited and explored  possibilities with spontaneity and fun. We have sponsored artists from Canada, France, New Zealand, a show with 100 teens; the 3 Americas show, (70 artists), a digital show from 12 States, 5 countries and 40 artists. Enough already!

February 2009 Visual Arts League was dissolved as a non profit registered with the State of NJ.

This year we are moving to Mexico.

 Today, artists are challenged to join with the world community in creating a hot house environment which nurtures creativity. How do we bring art off the walls and pedestals and put it to work? VAL is addressing that issue. Together we are an engine for change and this engine is chugging off to the wild Mexican mountains.. where we will switch to burros!

On to new adventures of the creative kind!

Judith Wray Founder VAL

(Judith's Art background: Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, Pa; Washington State University; Idaho State University; Rutgers University; Mason Gross School of the Visual Arts; Arts Students League, New York; Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Mercerville, NJ. )

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