(left) Rebecca Buchholz, 16 yr.

Rebecca at UMDNJ

Past shows at the E.B. Municipal Building

This piece is part of Plastique- the Ocean Show - Slide show *

begun in 1994 by 29 artists from around the United States. Originally, the ocean theme paintings were done on transparent sheets of vinyl (Plastique!). For a few years, until this summer, some of the pieces plus new ones could be seen on a 300 ft wide concrete wall fronting the property of a swim club on Dutch Rd., East Brunswick, NJ.

During the years while it was there, artists, Girl Scout Troops & seventy children from Mr. T’s Children’s Theatre at EBHS, joined in, framing each 8 ft by 4 ft ocean theme mural with painted, custom  made fish bricks. Some of the bricks can be seen in this piece, framing Rebecca’s painting.

The Stone Museum- where the fish bricks are!

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The fish bricks were projected on a wall in Ginza, Japan in the manner of Times Square, New York.

This year we are continuing off  the wall!

Jill Ferguson's "Fur Fish"  *

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