"Plastique-The Ocean Show"-Visual Arts League"

FFriday, January 11, 2002 the Visual Art's League Ocean show visited Laurel Van Leer's troop no. 537 at Lawrence Brook School and the girls joined in on a mural project which has been underway since the summer of 2000 at the former Country Swim Club on Dutch Rd., East Brunswick. The property has since changed hands, but the project has continued to be welcomed. Fronting the club is a  concrete wall approx. 300 ft wide and 8 ft high. The  theme is the ocean and "denizens of the deep, fish creatures, ooze and murk". The art works which inspired this were begun in 1995 by a group of artists from around the country.

Rebecca Brenowitz of the East Brunswick Human Relations Association and also affiliated with the Zimmerli Museum first took Judith Wray (artist) (President of the Visual Arts League) out to the swim club to view the wall, with the hope that it would be irresistible!

Rebecca was right.

We saw an opportunity to resume a project already begun and add to it bringing artists together with a community in a myriad of ways including the use of new technology. The web pages cover a five year period.

Sunday March 17th, Coleen Summer Hayes, the leader of troop no. 832, hosted another fish brick painting session. Fifteen bricks were painted and two days latter they went up on the web site to join the others. We are getting ready to photograph them and cement them to the wall. h







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