Joyce Kilmer School

Students assembled a big fish in the classes of Joanne Traskiewicz, at Joyce Kilmer School, Milltown. Local artist, Judy Wray, brought the visiting fish, which hangs in a small park like setting within the school, suspended on a steel tri-pod. The fish has a three pronged fish hook vertebrae running down its center. It goes together on the same principle of a Christmas tree, constructed in layers, and like the star at the top of the tree, the fish is crowned by a head.

The fish pieces are varied. Mostly clay with a raku glaze, big bronze fins, and gobs of lead weights, sperical and ovals, clusters of them like the roe in a real fish. The raku glaze gives the pieces an iredescence. Aqua blues, crimsons, coppers swirl, colors easily achieved by the raku process, which is a hot one. Each piece born in fire, emerges a wonder.

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