Some people call me Tie or Tee, or Ta-Ta, but family and teachers call me Tyeast. I grew up in New Brunswick, New Jersey with my brothers. My mother's name is Jaqueline. She grew up in East Brunswick. My father's name is Mark and he grew up in Camden, N.J. My mother is African American. My father is African American and Jamaican. My mother and father met at high school and started dating. On November 9 a beautiful baby girl was born and named Tyeast Nichole. The name "Tyeast" came from a girl my mother met named "Tieace". Nichole came from my father's sister. After that my mother had two boys, first Dewight and then Justin.

Me, Justin and Dewight


Growing up the oldest was bad because I went though where I was stealing from my mother and lying. But as time passed by, it came there was no point in stealing. I could just ask her and she would give it to me. The other times I lived in New Brunswick my life wasn't how life should be. I didn't really have a lot of friends. The friends I did have were two-faced. They were friends and then they weren't. One success I did have was that I did an art project that is now traveling over the world, (on the internet) called "Tyeast's Flower Power". In seventh grade I moved to Franklin where I went to the school, Samson G. Smith. I got into an after school program called Dolls and Gems.



The other period of my life I lived in Franklin, there was also ups and downs. One of my downs was when my mother's sister's house caught on fire when they were in the house, but nobody got hurt. Then in Pennsylvania my grandmother's house that my family and I were supposed to move in to burned down to the ground. One of the good things that happened was I made a lot of new friends.

Mom (on the left) and her friend.


Due to the fact that my house burned down my mother found a house in East Brunswick, the turning point of my life. The first week in a new school I was already getting into fight with the other girls. There I met the girl I thought was going to be my best friend for life, named Emelinda. The time that me and Emelinda were best friends, I met Samera who became my second best friend. At that time I was a popular girl in the school. I had a lot of friends and my friends all liked my mother and thought she was one of the nicest mothers. Some of my good friends were Tiara and Tiffany. We were always together. They used to call us the three T's.



Summer came around and the time for school where I now go to East Brunswick Vocational and Technical School. My best friend is now Samera. I have four brothers and a sister, so I'm not the only girl after all.



born August, 2001

My Family

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