March 16th.'05 The Voyagers give a hand to the faded Camp Daisy Pipe
 PIPEDREAMS -  the Camp Daisy Pipe

Janis Scelsa, a teacher with Daisy Recreation in East Brunswick, NJ made a magic day for her students 4 years ago which has just recently taken another leap..with the students from the newly hatched Voyagers Learning Center, Holmdele, NJ. One school can easily give a hand to another..and in the background on the right side is the Val Van with a sticker of the Citizen School Ball Pipe..right now that pipe is riding around in the back of a convertible beetle, in the countryside of Christchurch, New Zealand, courtesy of Gnomeologist /car artist Henry Sunderland..everything is connected!!! Visual Arts League creates art adventures..linking creative efforts world wide, playing together..for no other reason than that WE CAN DO IT!!! Playing together is rehearsal for working the world is changing faster than ever and the nature of our "play" is also changing. SCROLL DOWN!!!!

("The Ball Dude ",  assembled from the creative detritus of classroom floors at Shirley Boys' School, Christchurch, New Zealand) and brought into virtual lively action as a spokesperson for the Citizen School Ball Pipe. Take a look at what we did with garbage! With a blast off from supplies by GE Electric Company-GE Brings Good Things To Life! ( I guess they do! J. Wray )

 May, 2005 Hot News from NZ  Ball Pipe at Angelican Square, Avon & and  a visit to Church

The Ball Pipe @ CPIT NOW School of Art&Design
Henry Sunderland ART CAR RETURNS Henry Gnomeologist


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