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"The Transparent Flower Show"..a visual experiment in working and playing together. Basically, it is a transparent/translucent, photocopied images show with a floral theme. Scanned flowers, painted flowers, e mailed, multiplied, reduced, enlarged, superimposed, floral in feeling! Abstracts...patterns created with all the incoming images, combining them, coming together from all over the country. Orchestrated by Visual Arts League

For the month of May, 2002, the show developed and filled a one hundred foot glass wall at The Old Bridge Public Library.

To exhibit simultaneously in two places, we cloned the imagery and took half to Newark, University of Medicine and Dentistry and half to the Old Bridge Library.

Multiply! Add! Divide!

And I was never good at math!

(ha! I was never good at history either..)

(but here we are creating it.)

After that, it moved to the South River Library, where a piece was created by a group of young people and we framed them all in a hoola hoop.

Then the show moved to the Metuchen Public Library for another month. After that, it moved on to the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Piscataway, NJ. In January it went to the Cork Gallery, Avery fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY. All the while, the show was posted on the internet so all the participants could follow along.

The show hung with small plastic suction cups on any large glass window space. As the light changes, prisms of color cross the room.


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