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VAL is  continuing to build "the show between shows" at UMDNJ-RWJMS in Woody's..(a dining area for students, staff, professors and visitors.) We are using excerpts from all the previous shows to illustrate the scope of projects over the last 10 years. (With artists permission). Beginning with work from  the 3 Americas show, from North, South and Central America. The show was 2 years in planning and assembeld by artist, Susan Holland. At that time Susan was a rural mail deliverer living in the mountains of Washington State.

A few more pieces from the 3 Americas show. Next, we will begin to hang the Digital Show, composed of work from 25 States and 5 Countries and 40 artists.

( left, bottom) 3 pieces from "Maria's Children International" (Russian Orphanges) (right) Shankar Barua, New Delhi, India


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