"The Ball Dude"..assembled from the creative detritus off the floors at Shirley Boys' School

New Zealand Welcome's Citizen School Ball Pipe

New Brunswick, NJ ( Scroll down )

Justin Price goes to McKinley School to assist in the  beginning of a Pipe Sculpture with Citizen School Students.
Citizen School PowerPoint Presentation
Whats Art?
Citizen School PowerPoint Presentation

Citizen Schools gets balls bouncing from around the world!affiliated with PIPE DREAMS


Citizen School Ball Pipe

World News-artday.org

Great Balls O' Fire ! ( clic the floating head! )

Girl Scout Troop 1452

Paul Robeson School, New Brunswick, NJ

The Allenvale Special School, Christchurch, New Zealand

 Tennis Balls Pixels & Paint Via the Internet

Matty & Evi

Justin at the Mall-Community Day Photos


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