New Zealand Welcome's Citizen School Ball Pipe

Why balls?    SLIDE SHOW The Ball Pipe on the mountain!

drive by show at the ARTYARD-Aug. 2004

Citizen School PowerPoint Presentation

The Citizen School Ball Pipe is on its way to Christchurch, New Zealand via a grassroots effort to demonstrate great leaps of imagination with immediate practical application into the real world..

The South Christchurch Library in Beckenham, New Zealand is also one of the places the Ball Pipe will visit. The library has won a national award for architecture. This new community center sits in a park setting, and is surrounded by a shallow moat to collect rain water, control thermal conditions and act as a security barrier, allowing outdoor balconies.

The nine ft tall pipe will visit galleries - one of them is the COCA Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand where Henry Sunderland is on the Board and the New City Art Gallery (only 1 yr old). The Citizen School powerpt. presentation  has been forwarded to the arts committees. The apprenticeship program has leaped into real life all the way to New Zealand.

What's Art History Lesson The Ball Pipe is at the Polytechnic Institute of Technology in Christchurch, New Zealand in the hands of  Henry Sunderland (Gnomologist) ARTCARS

The Ball pipe is one of three recent additions to the Pipe Dreams show, part of the project "Pipe Dreams, NJ Merges with The Great Pipe Dream, NZ". The 9 ft tall PVC pipe with a globe affixed to the top lights in the evening.

The nine foot tall PVC sculpture was created during a ten week apprenticeship program which ended May, 2004 and was held at the Citizen School on Van Dyke Ave. New Brunswick. Local artist, Judy Wray and 4 teens from Citizen School, New Brunswick, NJ. Joyia Williams, Lashaun Moore, Corneisha Rodgers, Evanna Donaldson,,and Justin Price from East Brunswick's Vo Tech

The 10 week apprenticeship program continues as part of a larger project begun 3 and a half years ago as a confluence of dreams between The Great Pipe Dream by Henry Sunderland in Christchurch, New Zealand involving schools in NZ and Pipe Dreams. Judy Wray is founder and president of the non-profit, charitable arts organization Visual Arts League (VAL).

Everything is connected.  Istvan Papai, left a 1985 Mercedes Benz at the ArtYard when he went off to California last year. This year we sold it and the money went to pay for shipping the pipe sculpture to New Zealand where it will make a tour of libraries and galleries. The Ball Pipe is currently at The Polytecnic University in Christchurch.
Citizen School PowerPoint Presentation

Citizen Schools gets balls bouncing from around the world!

NEW Internet Project affiliated with PIPE DREAMS


Default Mode at Lincoln Center in surprise show, May, 2004 May '04 The Citizen School Ball Pipe goes to Lincoln Center.


Great Balls O' Fire !

Girl Scout Troop 1452

Justin @ Citizen School & McKinley School, New Brunswick, NJ-A new Pipe Dream Begins!

Paul Robeson School, New Brunswick, NJ

The Allenvale Special School, Christchurch, New Zealand

 Tennis Balls Pixels & Paint

Great Balls O' Fire !

Matty & Evi

Leaving for New Zealand! the paper trail leading up to a leap!


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