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On these web pages VAL has  begun an Internet project using the boarded up windows of vacant buildings (or partially vacant), making positive use of negative space. We have been experimenting with digital artists from around the world involving them in fast, high profile experiments. We are proposing to print a selection of the various ideas coming in and mounting those prints in the windows, switching images every two or three months.

 VAL would like to get people thinking  creatively about ways to use negative space in positive ways, bringing art out onto the street, creating an exciting interchange using digital art which can easily involve high school seniors in computer art programs with digital artists from around the world. Kind of a low budget, world school using negative space in a positive way.

Together we can impart integrity to a world which is so divided by specialists, nobody having the scope of view or time to step back and create in a holistic way. Artists of all kinds function as roving free radicals knitting good things together for its own sake.

(above) Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada
Roslyn Rose, Hoboken, NJ
Mina Blyly-Strausss, St. Paul, MN
Mathew Cervenka, New York, NY
Henry Sunderland, New Zealand
Robert Rakita, Union, NJ
Connie Frisch-Cherniak, Staten Island, NY
Shankar Barua, New Delhi, India
Chris MacKinnon


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