"99 Bottles ... on the wall"  (scroll down)
Sept. 8th - 20th, 2005

The Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, NY

 These bottles are about 2 inches high and were painted by Little Bobby Duncan New Pages this summer while staying at the ArtYard. What will be shown at the Cork Gallery on the 70 ft wide wall is the scanned and enlarged images of the bottles being painted. One thing leads to another and now the different departments at the University of Medicine and Dentistry are sending bottles, flasks, petrie dishes destined for extinction to get another round on the wall at the Cork Gallery. A paint-in has begun with outside artists and students. As this project develops, we will post the images and activities to these web pages. ( Click on Images ) ( 2nd page of photos) The Girl Scouts (3)


     (on right)

Paul Pugliese








 16 Bottles..scroll right    Click here to see the next 30 bottles
31 More Bottles!  14 bottles to go!! and 8 Voyagers Bottles!

36 slipped off the edge, caught em' here they are again!

NEW Prachi

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