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Hot News from NZ  The Blue Ball Pipe at Angelican Square, Avon & and a visit to a Baptist Church

The Big Pipe Dream move is coming.

Things are being prepared.

Ball Jugglers Moves to UMDNJ

The New Zealand pieces are assembled and being showcased right now at The BackYard Show-sponsored by the ARTYARD &

IBG Services, Ernston Rd. Parlin, NJ (732)525-8571.

The New Zealand sculptures will be there

until about July 12th. Then we will move them directly over to SAA at 2020 Burnt Mills Rd. Bedminster, New Jersey 07921

Reception for Pipe Dreams at SAA

Thursday, July 21, 6-8PM!

SAA-(908) 234-2345

After the show at SAA, the show "tentatively" is invited

to  New Hope, ( Dedicated to Success in Recovery ), Marlboro, NJ.

"Pipe Dreams, NJ" Merges With

"The Great Pipe Dream, New Zealand"



Judith Wray, NJ (732)254-7611

Henry Sunderland, Christchurch, New Zealand



Dianne Alpers, Christchurch, New Zealand  

e mail at



 The Pipes are going to the Somerset Art Association (SAA), in Bedminster, NJ

from July 17th to August 30th, 2005

Reception, Thursday 21st, 2005

from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Viewing hours: Mon.-Thurs. 9:304:30, Friday & Saturday, 9:301:30.

Admission is free.

SAA is located at 2020 Burnt Mills Road, Bedminster, NJ.

For further information, contact the SAA office at 908-234-2345

The Next Big Pipe Dream


Dreaming of Pipes


Home News/ Tribune Eli Hltzman


 VOX newspaper story by Nick Ciaccia - the beginning!


A little history! Freda Rhodes & students from Paul Robeson School, New Brunswick, NJ

Make Your Idea Happen - The Field of Dreams where the NJ Pipe Dreams Adventure began is right outside Paul Robeson School!

Main Index Page

A few wild pieces will be featured on the grounds outside:

One of them, the Allenvale sculpture was created by Tony King, (teacher) and the students of the Allenvale School, Christchurch, New Zealand, (a school for children with special needs.) A similar school exists in East Brunswick, NJ.

Thanks to their teacher, Milltown resident / teacher and artist Janis Scelsa, the 12 ft high pipe will join the others at SAA for the show.

Quote: from the VAL newsletter, 2003 "The DAISY PIPE", Janis Scelsa, Milltown, NJ

When Judith called with an invite to create a pipe for the "Pipe Dreams" show, I knew I had to bring this wonderful opportunity to the Daisy Recreation Program for people with dissabilities. As the art specialist for this amazing program my goal is to provide a meaningful art experience that each participant can actively take part in. How could I coordinate 37 people, ranging in age from four to forty five years old to work together in making their own Pipe Dream come true? It needed to be their very own work. It needed to reflect their priceless imprint. It had to be done in two hours!



With the pipe pre-painted black, each Daisy participant printed their own beautiful hands in pastel colors freely over the pipe. For some participants having ink rolled on their hands got even more fun when their counselors got inked also. Some hand prints ended up in places other than the pipe.

 The finished Daisy Recreation Program Pipe is something the Daisy Artists can be proud of. Being a part of the process of this project, like the Daisy experience, was a miracle a minute!

 Janis Scelsa

"THE GREAT PIPE DREAM" in Christchurch, New Zealand was begun by New Zealand artist & Gnomeologist, Henry Sunderland during the year 2002. Henry discovered the Pipe Dream connection through a search engine on the Internet and now seven plastic piping sculptures are here in New Jersey from participating schools to merge with the New Jersey show launched at the Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, N.Y., 2003.

The amazing botanical sculptures were selected from an exhibition held in the Botanic Gardens in the summer of 2002. They are made from discards donated to the schools from GE Electric Company. "GE Brings Good things to Life!" Using PVC piping and recycled plastic soda and other small bottles, twenty Canterbury schools transformed waste into a forest of purple plastic piping, featuring fabulous names like Utilis, Tubulus, Plasticus. Seven of these sculptures were chosen to be shipped on a journey to continue the dream.... an art adventure!

The " Pipe Dreams, NJ" project started out with 5 students from Paul Robeson School, New Brunswick, NJ. Their teacher, Freda Rhodes, asked if we ( VAL ) could generate a low budget (no budget ) community project. We have done that! The New Zealand pieces will be donated to schools in the area and New Hope in Marlboro, NJ is at the top of our list. ( Dedicated to Success in Recovery ). We hope to make connections between the children in Christchurch and children in the US schools so that these creative decision makers of tomorrow will, to quote Judith Wray, the Visual Arts League director, experience "thinking globally, working locally." Wray graduated from East Brunswick High School in 1963. "They taught me to work big," she said.

Creating History Together Using Discarded Plastics & old tennis balls "Pipe Dreams" with "The Great Pipe

Great Balls O'Fire  Digital Artists from around the world Paint Virtual Balls!

120 discarded tennis balls bounce into action from Lynn Lerner in Melbourne, Florida

Camp Daisy Breakfast, Summer of 2004

Girl Scout Troop # 1452-Paints Tennis Balls

one thing leads to another!

Citizen School, New Brunswick, NJ

 The Ball Pipe 05/12/04

The Student's Power Point Demo is Circulating in New Zealand

 The Pipe Dreams show goes to the CORK GALLERY, LINCOLN CENTER, NY 2003


 The Pipe Dreams show goes to BRUNSWICK SQUARE MALL 2003


6 New Zealand Sculptures spend a year at The Stone Museum, 2003


"Thinking Globally, Working Locally" Making History

The Pipes at the East Brunswick VAC show-06/12/2004


Allenvale Sculpture spends the winter at UMDNJ 01/2004


The Allenvale Sculpture rides in the 01/04 MUMMERS DAY Parade


New Zealand Schools List


Tony King, Allenvale School

Bevan Freeman, Shirley Intermediate

Tom Baker, St Bedes College

Ken Frame, Mario College

Raewyn Taylor, Linwood Intermediate

Natalie Johnston, Christchurch South Intermediate

Shona Kelleher, Cassebrook Intermediate


New Jersey Schools List:


Citizen School, Van Dyke Ave., New Brunswick, NJ

 The Ball Pipe 05/12/04

The Student's Power Point Demo is Circulating in New Zealand

East Brunswick High School, Janet Koenig's Class 2004

"The Nose Pipe" '04


Paul Robeson School New Brunswick, NJ

Teacher, Freda Rhodes & Students



Begun at New Jersey TEEN ARTS-with Little Bobby Duncan & Judy Wray

Continued with

Teacher Carole Takacs & Students at Robert S. Wilentz School, Perth Amboy, NJ


The Rubber Hand Pipe then gets more hands from 

The Girl Scouts & Neighborhood Children, East Bruns. NJ

Mina Blyly-Strauss from "In Progress"

An After School Media Arts Program in Saint Paul, MN

Virtual Pipe Designs from Students

Anna Aslani

Marquita Lowe

Nissa Aitken

Tomas Leal


Janis Scelsa & Camp Daisy KIDS, East Bruns. NJ


Laurel Duncan & Girl Scout Troop 873, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Individual Artists List


1. Shankar Barua, New Delhi, India

2. Catherine Yakovina, St. Petersburg, Russia ( 2 pipes )

 3. DIMA Yakovina, St. Petersburg, Russia ( 2 pipes )

4. Judy Rozsa, Hungary ( 2 pipes )

5. Istvan Papai, Vienna ( 2 pipes )

6. Jean Pierre & Maxine Gantois, Savignac, France

7. Seiji Ueoka, R2001, Japan; Sharif Ezzat,  San Francisco, Ca.

8. Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

9. HOOP,(KING OF ART) Clifton, NJ- Lawnmower Lover's at Lincoln

10. "Little Bobby" Duncan, by the Sea, NJ, "Dumboderek" is Duncan's Pipe

11. Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada ( 2 pipes )

12. Warren Furman, Montrose, Pa

13. Harry & Edie Cohen, East Bruns, NJ

14. Lynn Lerner, Melbourne, Florida ( 3 pipes )

15. Tihamer Binner, Somerset, NJ ( 2 pipes )

16. Mark Nerys, Somerset, NJ

17. Mathew Cervenka, NY

18. Lica Cox, Forked River, NJ

19. Michael Herman, Highland Park, NJ

20. Bob Rakita, Union, NJ ( 2 pipes )

21. Lauren Curtis, Somerset, NJ

22. Lisa Rejowski, Monroe Twp. NJ

23. Marlene Leitman, East Brunswick, NJ

 24. Peter Ray, Highland Park, NJ

 25. Roslyn Rose, Hoboken, NJ

26. Nancy Wood, San Antonio, Texas

27. Jane Baldridge, Wilmington, NC ( 2 pipes )

28. Genfi, (Ghana) Sayreville, NJ 

29. Glen Buchholz, East Brunswick, NJ

30. Dawn Reiger, East Brunswick, NJ ( 2 pipes )

31. U Frame It, Aberdeen, NJ

32. Amber Sheperd, Somerset, NJ

33. Daniel C. Boyer, Houghton, MI

34. Holly & Lori Dey, Neptune, NJ

 35. Dylon & Jessie Baker

36. Leon Rainbow, Trenton, NJ

"Palettes and Pipes"

The 5-Town Artists, East Brunswick, NJ

36. Judith Wray- The Spray Insulation Pipe

37. Paul Pugliese, Long Branch, NJ

38. Janet Koenig and students from East Brunswick High School

39. Freda Rhodes & students from Paul Robeson School, New Brunswick, NJ

Make Your Idea Happen- A Field of Dreams is right outside Paul Robeson School!

40. The Rubber Hand Pipe, Teen Arts students from schools in Perth Amboy, in conjunction with artists Judith Wray and Little Bobby Duncan..further supplemented with an influx of hands from Girl Scout leader Laurel Van Leer, East Brunswick, NJ and then further supplemented by medical students at the University of Medicine and Dentistry-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ

41. The Daisy Recreation Pipe, teacher Janis Scelsa & students

42.The BALL PIPE, (In Image only..the real pipe is touring New Zealand)

Citizen School, Van Dyke Ave., New Brunswick, NJ


43. 4 Students from "In Progress, St. Paul, MN

Anna Aslani

Marquita Lowe

Nissa Aitken

Tomas Leal

Comments we have received about the show..

Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, New Mexico http://ursulafreer.com

What have you done!!

This has grown beyond anything we could have imagined-it's wonderful!

You are a light shining for art and friendship across the globe. Best wishes and hugs.


Renata Spiazzi, La Jolla, Ca. USA

digital artist http://www.spiazzi.com

Judy, you are an inspiration! What a dream come true!


HOOP, KING of ART, Clifton, NJ

Can't wait for your show opening -Fun for sure - Let me know when and where

we bring the pipes - You've got some international line-up there - Anyhoop -

I think I'll pipe down now - Keep conceptualizing -


Catherine Yakovina, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Thank you for wonderful news to the day of celebration of New Year 2003!

I and Dima were really happy and proud to see our artworks

among so wonderful artists. You have made the great creative work!

 Thank you Judy! Small river became the sea of artworks by your work.

I like that artists of different ages represented

artworks. Different ages, different countries, different feelings....

but single world of people.

Thank you Judy again!

It is morning time in St. Petersburg. I am going to sleep. 

I am sending you the peace of wonderful St. Petersburg morning.

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