Stone Museum

Maxine - The Wall Climber


Maxine - The Wall Climber

Creating the Art Yardhere, at the ARTYARD,  last night was a bit of a mad scientist evening..

Laszlo opened all the doors and turned on a ventillator as we melted CDs with a blow torch and Kathy (our 12 yr old from Venezuela) dancing around, gees! kids! fire, music, science and art all at once.

We are still alive this morning..

but the CDs, sad to say, did not rise to the hoped for result..

The newer CDs we had a stack of twenty,

 the best you could get was to make them look like they are heavily, sugar encrusted..

nice, but nothing to fall over about..

the older ones

and I only had two older ones....are translucent and when you hit them with a blow torch they instantly begin to doing things..

not just a surface crusting but through and through sexual reaction....ah!

the CD just loves the heat!!!! 

undulating and stretching every which way and holding the!! 

but all I had was two!! 

Where oh where to get more....I know where!! 

But it calls for some serious searching.....

 time to stop everything and search for wafer thin old CDs....they are wonderful...

what we did last night was much fun..but if it had been the thin CDs !!!! 

so, how come we are doing this..

the Greek at the Stone Museum took one of our Pipe Sculptures seriously. 

The melted CD pipe from Maxine Gantois in France....lucky Maxine....he does not even know!

he dissapeared!  but he is not forgotten..

The Greek even made him an engraved plaque, no matter..Maxine moved.

Lost on Maxine, maybe and maybe not.....we are still melting CDs and futzing with his pipe!

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